Episcopal Needs

My brother Richard is a better blogger than I am.  He wrote a month ago about the United Methodist Bishop’s quest for more power.  Upon reading that article, I too intended to blog about it, but until now haven’t lived up to that expectation.

 I want to focus on this point of the epicopal desire for more power.  The article says that the are seeking to  “Raise the retirement age for bishops by two years, to 68, to ease the growth rate in the number of retired bishops by allowing them to serve longer[.]”

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the growth rate of retired bishops is something which must be eased. Can retired bishops not take care of or fend for themselves?  Why, there may even be people out there who figure that the best thing for The United Methodist Church might just be a few more retirements.

Published by Steve Heyduck

I am a United Methodist pastor, currently appointed as Pastor of OvillaUnited Methodist Church in Ovilla, Texas. I am also the husband of Rachel and father of 3 - Robbie, Eliza, and Liam. I am an ardent nonconstantian and a postmodern Christian. (I am also happy to talk with you about what these things mean to me)

One thought on “Episcopal Needs

  1. Interesting subject coming off of Bishops’ Week at Mount Sequoyah (where I had the pleasure of meeting your wife, by the way).

    I’ll be watching to see what you have to say.

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