Weight Update #4

Just weighed in for week #4 on Weightwatchers.

I lost 5 lbs this time!

But here’s the other side to that – I noticed on their website that (somehow) they’ve set a “goal weight” for me.  My “goal weight” is 150.9 pounds!  Do you know any men who are 6′ 1″ who weigh only 151?

This points to the problem with the current scare about obesity.  All the weigh charts these days seem to be run according to Body Mass Index, or BMI.  It is a mathematic function of weight and height- to be exact, one’s weight divided by the square of one’s height.  Here is a website that will calculate yours for you.

(Before I go further, wouldn’t it make more sense to find a function of the cube of one’s height, since we are, in fact, three-dimensional, rather than to square it, which would relate better to two dimensions?)

For a person my height, male or female, the “healthy” range is from 140 to 189.  Ostensibly, the upper end of that range is for heavier-set people.  I’m not “big-boned,” yet, when I hit 189 – in about a month and a half, I think – people will be telling me I look sickly.

In my own humble opinion, there is something wrong with hanging all our healthy weight ideas on the BMI. 

Then again, I lost 5 pounds this week, so I am happy anyway.

Published by Steve Heyduck

I am a United Methodist pastor, currently appointed as Pastor of OvillaUnited Methodist Church in Ovilla, Texas. I am also the husband of Rachel and father of 3 - Robbie, Eliza, and Liam. I am an ardent nonconstantian and a postmodern Christian. (I am also happy to talk with you about what these things mean to me)

3 thoughts on “Weight Update #4

  1. Thought I would let you nkow – I have adjusted my “goal weight” upward to 185. Still below the maximum recommended within the “healthy” range on the BMI schedule.

  2. The BMI is crap. Find a pic of my hubby on my blog. If you go by BMI, he’s morbidly obese. If you look at him, it’s obvious that he’s muscular. I’ve never believed the BMI for myself, either, but in his case, it’s even more idiotic.

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