Heaven done Wright

As you would expect, N.T. Wright explains things better than I do.

I received this link from Ben Fort. Ben is a very sharp, astute, and incredibly talented guy who interned here at MCH last summer.  He is a senior at OBU.

The link is to a Time article/interview with Bishop Wright about heaven.  Here’s the gist of it.

  1. Heaven is not the intended eternal destination for Christians.
  2. Christians who teach so, such as LaHaye and Jenkins of Left Behind fame, are misreading the scriptures.

I could say more, but you can read what he said.

Published by Steve Heyduck

I am a United Methodist pastor, currently appointed as Pastor of OvillaUnited Methodist Church in Ovilla, Texas. I am also the husband of Rachel and father of 3 - Robbie, Eliza, and Liam. I am an ardent nonconstantian and a postmodern Christian. (I am also happy to talk with you about what these things mean to me)

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