Book Review: A Prayer to Our Father

prayergordonjohnsonA Prayer to our Father by Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson was one of my two recent reads for viralbloggers.  I very much enjoyed pouring through this book in a couple of days.

I deeply appreciate that this book is co-authored by a Jew and a Christian. I further appreciate that they acknowledge in the introduction that this is significant.   The camaraderie they share makes the story they tell even more powerful.  The shared respect for each other, for texts, for tradition, for the process, and for the pursuit of Truth is admirable.

Gordon and Johnson devote 6 chapters to their quest to find the most probable location of the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5-7.  I was skeptical that this was off point for discovering meaning in the Avinu Prayer (as they call the Lord’s Prayer, based on the first word of the Hebrew version),  yet I was drawn into this quest along with them, and enjoyed the rich history of the region.  This quest, or the way they narrate it, draws together the 20 centuries that have passed since Jesus walked there.

I read two other books on this prayer earlier this year, for the season of Lent(this one by Willimon and this one by Claiborne & Wilson-Hartgrove). I would place A Prayer to Our Father along side these on matters of information and insight.  I would, however, recommend it ahead of either of these as a single source because of the way they tell the story. This book is worth reading for the experience of having read it.

If you pray the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, the Avinu Prayer, you should read this book.

Published by Steve Heyduck

I am a United Methodist pastor, currently appointed as Pastor of OvillaUnited Methodist Church in Ovilla, Texas. I am also the husband of Rachel and father of 3 - Robbie, Eliza, and Liam. I am an ardent nonconstantian and a postmodern Christian. (I am also happy to talk with you about what these things mean to me)

One thought on “Book Review: A Prayer to Our Father

  1. Thanks, Steve! I just ordered a few books yesterday, 2 of which are by Tim Keller. I have a stack waiting on my nightstand to read. These look really good, though. Hopefully I’ll get to them in the midst of completing my paperwork for ordination and pastoring a new church start. Please pray for me! 🙂

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