Spiritual Consumption Disorder(s)?

I am reading David Walsh PhD.’s Why Do They Act That Way? for the class I am taking that is called The Adolescent Brain. In the chapter on Adolescent Mental Illness, under Eating Disorders, Walsh writes this:

We deluge kids with supersized portions of high-calorie junk food as we simultaneously glorify unhealthy, unrealistic thinness.

Because I am always looking and predisposed to finding analogies relevant to my calling, this statement struck me as significant far beyond what we put into our mouths.

I think there are spiritual consumption disorders that run similar patterns to eating disorders.   There are, it seems, many people who want the pleasure of religious experiences, yet who don’t really want or expect this to change their lives.

Studies continue to show that membership and participation in church do not tend to effect moral behavior in any signifcant way.

We are consumers of the spiritual, but we seem also to enjoy both binging and purging.

I don’t think this is what Jesus modeled or taught the disciples.  I don’t think it is the kind of life God created us for.

Published by Steve Heyduck

I am a United Methodist pastor, currently appointed as Pastor of OvillaUnited Methodist Church in Ovilla, Texas. I am also the husband of Rachel and father of 3 - Robbie, Eliza, and Liam. I am an ardent nonconstantian and a postmodern Christian. (I am also happy to talk with you about what these things mean to me)

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