You should read this

I was lent a book about a month ago. It appeared interesting to me, but not so much that it moved automatically to the top of my list. Yesterday another person offered to lend me the same book and said several times with increasing intensity each time, “you really need to read this book.”

Perhaps you and I are wired differently, but such emphasis on my NEED to read is off-putting to me. Especially coming from someone I’ve just met.

So I showed him; I went home and read that book (well, 90% of it) last night. I did enjoy it. Very much. So far as I could tell, though, it presented nothing I hadn’t read elsewhere.  On the other hand, it does offer a beneficial gathering of things I had read elsewhere in a variety of books.

How do you take someone telling you that you really should, or need to, read a particular book? Makes me wonder if all those copies of Christianity for the Rest of Us I bought and gave away a few years ago just went to collecting dust on shelves.

I hope not. THAT’S a book you really should read.

3 thoughts on “You should read this

  1. I have stopped suggesting books to others, unless they ask me specifically for a book recommendation. I try to spend my time ensuring that others know I read and so if they have a desire for a recommendation they will come to me and not Joel Osteen or Oprah.

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