Even when I am not paying attention, God is.

Have you ever been writing or speaking and found yourself surprised by a sentence that slipped out of you? I know I’ve had this happen many times, the most recent being this morning. I was updating the “about” page of this blog, when I typed this: Even when I am not paying attention, God is.Continue reading “Even when I am not paying attention, God is.”

Good, Better, Best

I had the great joy the other day of witnessing a good thing happening: a child gave his mother a dandelion. Then, this even better thing happened. He realized what a good idea it was, and picked a second flower to give her. Then, the best thing happened: the mother received the flowers exactly theContinue reading “Good, Better, Best”

Why can’t I get this door open?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com I have used this language before myself, but, when I recently heard someone say “God has closed a door…,” the metaphor generator that is my mind sprung into action. The next thing I thought was, “I realized I couldn’t open that door because my foot was in the way.” WhenContinue reading “Why can’t I get this door open?”