Experiments in Honesty – Book Review

I read Steve Daugherty’s Experiments in Honesty as my first blogger review book in a long time. What a great choice to get back on that horse with! Full disclosure: I received a free copy of the book based on my promise to blog a review of it. The content of the review is entirelyContinue reading “Experiments in Honesty – Book Review”

Am I Addicted?

I just finished my first read of Adam Alter’s Irresistible. I clarified “my first read” because I am going to start it again today. I social media-ed that “I can’t put it down,” partly for the irony, partly because I really enjoyed the read. We are, most of us, addicted to technology that didn’t existContinue reading “Am I Addicted?”

Book Review: The Mainliner’s Survival Guide

Hi.  My name is Steve, and I’m a Mainliner. Through all my years as a Fundamentalist, then an Conservative Evangelical, then some variation of Emergent, I have been a member of The United Methodist Church, a mainline denomination. I believe this is where God has called me. Plenty have tried to convince me otherwise.  I’veContinue reading “Book Review: The Mainliner’s Survival Guide”

Book review: The Story Lives

Here is my latest review of a book for the Speakeasy Blogger Network.  I’ve just finished Henriet Schapelhouman’s The Story Lives. This is a good, straightforward read. She had me at “Story,” actually; the more I work as a pastor, the more I meet people and seek to hear their stories. Though the seeds ofContinue reading “Book review: The Story Lives”

Don’t Waste Time Reading!?

New, from Barna:  Barnaframes are designed to help you read important, worthwhile things without wasting all that time, well, reading. Watch this: BarnaFrames Or, as they put it, “Read less, Know more.” Honestly, the idea is appealing to me.  There is so much more out there that I want to read than I have time to read.  EvenContinue reading “Don’t Waste Time Reading!?”

Book Review: Coffee Shop Conversations

I was encouraged enough by the title Coffee Shop Conversations: making the most of spiritual small talk that I asked for a copy to review.  This is the latest of my periodic reviews for the Speakeasy Blog Network. I am not reviewing books at the rate I used to; 2 small children and a newContinue reading “Book Review: Coffee Shop Conversations”

This Atheist Gets it Right – Book Review

This is the latest in a series of books I have received for review through the SpeakEasy Blogger Network. My last review book was thick and heavy enough that I wasn’t sure I would review any more for awhile.  But when I read about this one, I set that aside.  I was excited to readContinue reading “This Atheist Gets it Right – Book Review”

Book Review: Evolution’s Purpose

This is the latest in the series of books I have received for review through the SpeakEasy Blogger network. Of all the books I have received for review, this has been my most challenging read yet . First off, it has been a while since I read such straightforward academic philosophy.  This called for slower,Continue reading “Book Review: Evolution’s Purpose”

The Awakening of Hope (Book Review)

When I see Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove‘s name on a book, I want to read that book.  When I also see Shane Claiborne’s name, I would walk barefoot through snow to get a copy.  Fortunately for me, this time all I had to do was respond to the offer from SpeakEasy. The Awakening of Hope is a primer forContinue reading “The Awakening of Hope (Book Review)”