W’s Qs #2

Part of John Wesley’s genius, as the founder of the Methodist Movement, was the way he organized to make disciples.  He established small groups everywhere he went.  When these small groups met, they would go through a list of questions at each meeting. The questions were designed to guide the group members into a deeperContinue reading “W’s Qs #2”

But it’s in my DNA…

Blaming things on DNA is so 1990’s. You’re going to need a better excuse. In church work and leadership, it’s still a big thing to talk about identifying your church’s DNA. Of course DNA is a metaphor in this case.  We use this metaphor we we talk about a congregation’s origin story and significant pointsContinue reading “But it’s in my DNA…”

Conditioned to Blame

Just a few months ago I posted about our tendency to blame. Working on Sunday’s sermon, I had a further thought along these lines. We have been conditioned to blame the government.  More specifically, we have been conditioned to blame those we view as “against us,” but I believe there has been a growing tendencyContinue reading “Conditioned to Blame”

You Don’t Preach Right!

“You didn’t begin your sermon with the reading of the scripture text. You are always supposed to read the scripture as the beginning of your sermon.” This is a very close approximation to something a colleague of mine was told recently.  This colleague is soon to go before the Board of Ordained Ministry for commissioningContinue reading “You Don’t Preach Right!”

Confirmation Bias

I just read another blog post about an atheist attempting to disprove Christianity and becoming converted in the process. Once upon a time I was impressed by such stories.  No; more than impressed, I was convinced this kind of thing was the linchpin to converting the rest of the world to the truth of Christianity.Continue reading “Confirmation Bias”

Praise for Inefficiency

A Smart Car pulled up next to me at a red light on my way to work this morning. On the other side of the road, I noticed the normal variety of vehicles, mostly with one occupant each, making their way to the normal variety of places. The Smart Car got me thinking about efficiency.Continue reading “Praise for Inefficiency”

If Sacramental…

This is week one of our September series, If…Then Many thanks to White’s Chapel United Methodist Church for background and development of this series! Liam, my 3 year old son, came down the steps with a stepstool.  He stopped at about the fourth step from the bottom, and put the stepstool down next to him.Continue reading “If Sacramental…”

Vision Check

Sermon preached Sunday, August 30, 2015 at Euless First United Methodist Church Can you see the future from here? What does it look like? Which direction should we look? Some of us, as we age, do a whole lot more looking behind us than in front of us.  It is tempting; we know the past,Continue reading “Vision Check”

The Challenge of Discernment

One Monday I heard both of these claims: First, someone shared the exciting news of a special ministry event in which he had participated.  What made it so exciting, he said, was that “Satan was trying to stop us at every turn.”  He went on to describe a long strings of challenges and threats to theContinue reading “The Challenge of Discernment”