like it used to be

“Remember back when you didn’t have to lock churches? The town was safe; people didn’t lock their houses at night. I tell you, the world is getting worse!” Who hasn’t had one of those conversations? I catch them about once a week. Sure, there are things I miss about “yesteryear” or “back in the day,”Continue reading “like it used to be”

Simply Amazing – so, is there a lesson here?

If you see my daughter, don’t tell her, but her birthday present arrived via FedEx this morning. She will turn 17 a week from tomorrow. I ordered the gift by phone Monday evening. The FedEx tracking page says “Package data” was transmitted to them at 9:48 am on Tuesday. The package left Shanghai that dayContinue reading “Simply Amazing – so, is there a lesson here?”

Daily Devotion

I opened my Bible this morning while considering postponing the devotional time until later in the day. “No,” I told myself, “just sit down, open it up, read something, meditate a moment, then you can move on.” I opened to Daniel 1. I really didn’t feel like dealing with apocalyptic literature this morning. Why couldn’tContinue reading “Daily Devotion”

How to change your undercurrent

Last week I wrote about making life’s undercurrent. For many people, no matter how good things may be at the moment, the undercurrent is sadness or anger or despair. For others, no matter how difficult life may be at any given moment, the undercurrent is positive, happy, and hopeful. Enough of you asked how oneContinue reading “How to change your undercurrent”

What is your undercurrent?

Though I wrote this at least three years ago, it is still my favorite of all I’ve written. Enjoy: When was the last time you were happy? I mean really happy. I’m not talking about “call from your girlfriend” happy, “the radio just played my favorite song” happy, or even “my football team won state”Continue reading “What is your undercurrent?”