The Awakening of Hope (Book Review)

When I see Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove‘s name on a book, I want to read that book.  When I also see Shane Claiborne’s name, I would walk barefoot through snow to get a copy.  Fortunately for me, this time all I had to do was respond to the offer from SpeakEasy. The Awakening of Hope is a primer forContinue reading “The Awakening of Hope (Book Review)”

Being Jesus in Nashville -a book review

I have to admit that I was drawn to read and thus review Being Jesus in Nashville in part because it was turned down for publication by “Christian” publishers. I was also a little imtrigued that a multiple Cy Young Award winning pitcher was now writing about Jesus. I quickly learned that this is aContinue reading “Being Jesus in Nashville -a book review”

Book Review: Speaking of Jesus

Carl Medearis is a pastor and follower of Jesus. He wants the world to know Jesus.  He is convinced that if people are introduced to Jesus, they will be willing, even eager, to learn from him and follow his ways. Having lived in Lebanon for 12 years, he is also a leader in Arab-American andContinue reading “Book Review: Speaking of Jesus”

Influence and Relational Ministry I

If you are married, do you love your spouse?  Do you have a good relationship with him or her? If you answered yes to these questions, I have a follow-up for you:  How do you plan to influence your spouse? Most of the best stuff on ministry, especially youth ministry, these days, is put inContinue reading “Influence and Relational Ministry I”

Is God a Priority?

How do you get youth to commit to youth group? How do you get church members to commit to church? Same question, I think; only slight difference. This was a discussion we had yesterday in a group called “YouthWorker Roundtable.”  The way the issue was raised particularly interested me; it came up in the contextContinue reading “Is God a Priority?”

Book Review: Through the River

Yesterday I found myself thinking I might share this book I’ve just finished with someone. I thought it might help.  I was immediately confused because my first impressions of Through the River weren’t good. The book is Through the River: Understanding your assumptions about the truth. It is my latest read for review for theContinue reading “Book Review: Through the River”

Book Review: The Diversity Culture

I am finally writing my review of Matthew Raley’s The Diversity Culture for the Viral Bloggers Network.  I received two books at once and freaked briefly over the thought of reading and reviewing both within a month.  I had them both read on a three day vacation I took, but have let this one languishContinue reading “Book Review: The Diversity Culture”

Book Review: A Prayer to Our Father

A Prayer to our Father by Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson was one of my two recent reads for viralbloggers.  I very much enjoyed pouring through this book in a couple of days. I deeply appreciate that this book is co-authored by a Jew and a Christian. I further appreciate that they acknowledge in theContinue reading “Book Review: A Prayer to Our Father”

Bits that interest me

Probably like a lot of you, a wide variety of things pique my interest.  Here are a few I share today: Blockbuster is closing 960 stores, ostensibly hurt by netflix and redbox.Thanks, Relevant Magazine. Betting on horse racing is in such a decline NY is looking at its Off Track Betting filing for bankruptcy. EconomistContinue reading “Bits that interest me”