U2 on Letterman

Steven Koster posted this link at Think Christian under the heading “Magnificent God on Letterman.” He goes on to say (and ask): I guess I’m surprised first at the explicitness of the religious praise. I’ve known for years that U2 has something of a Christian background, but this regular, full-throated God praise still stands outContinue reading “U2 on Letterman”

Church Membership Is Not the Answer

I found a startling chart in Rodney Stark’s What Americans Really Believe.  The chart showed that Church membership in the United States is at its highest point in history. At our founding, membership was 17%, in 2005, it stood at 62%. So, though books like unChristian show that the latest generation coming into adulthood isContinue reading “Church Membership Is Not the Answer”

Come or Go Christianity

I’ve just finished reading Eddie Gibbs & Ryan K. Bolger’s Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures.  I’ll be sharing some thoughts from and interactions with the book.  Overall, I highly recommend this book.  It’s a relatively easy read that does a good job of presenting the “emerging chruch” movement/dialogue/conversation/phenomenon well. Steve Collins ofContinue reading “Come or Go Christianity”