But it’s in my DNA…

Blaming things on DNA is so 1990’s. You’re going to need a better excuse. In church work and leadership, it’s still a big thing to talk about identifying your church’s DNA. Of course DNA is a metaphor in this case.  We use this metaphor we we talk about a congregation’s origin story and significant pointsContinue reading “But it’s in my DNA…”

Apple is NOT the Problem. WE are.

Apple has been in the news a lot lately, and not just beating the human birthrate in fourth-quarter iphone sales. Word is getting out about working conditions at the Foxconn plant in China, for instance. This American Life had an interesting piece on the same topic last month. But let me make this perfectly clear:Continue reading “Apple is NOT the Problem. WE are.”

Bright idea?

A recent Economist carried a piece about how maybe the increasing efficiency of light bulbs is not going to lead toward a reduction of electricity needed/produced. It is worth remembering that when gas lights replaced candles and oil lamps in the 19th century, some newspapers reported that they were “glaring” and “dazzling white”. In fact,Continue reading “Bright idea?”

Go Green, Save Green

“Going green” isn’t always a money-saver.  Buying food that is sustain-ably produced can be costly. buying a new, more fuel-efficient car is expensive (and only arguably a greener option than maintaining a paid-for car you already have). One way that Rachel and I have chosen to do a part to be better stewards of the earth isContinue reading “Go Green, Save Green”

Healing Drought

What’s the best way to water your lawn? The American Lawns website recommends 3/4 to 1 inch of water per week, and applying it “as infrequently as possible.” I’ve known this for some time and have been practicing this summer.  We try to limit watering any part of our yard to once per week, andContinue reading “Healing Drought”