2017 version of Community Bathrooms

In 1982, I made a conscious decision to move away from a dorm with semi-private bathrooms to a dorm with community bathrooms on each floor. And I never looked back.  Ok; the bathroom set up wasn’t the reason I chose the other dorm (It helped they had installed air-conditioning over the summer). Community was differentContinue reading “2017 version of Community Bathrooms”

Does God agree with you? with me?

In the face of all the many disagreements, and further, in the face of what seems to be a lack of ability to communicate in civil and well-intentioned ways, I thought this morning of these words from Isaiah 55:8-9 My plans aren’t your plans,     nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.Continue reading “Does God agree with you? with me?”

Does the Bible really say that?

Listened to an interesting piece this morning on NPR. It was about a new book (A More Perfect Heaven) about Copernicus and the publication of his On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres. Apparently he waited several years to publish this work because of the controversy it raised in claiming that the earth was not theContinue reading “Does the Bible really say that?”

….Makes You Wonder

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Texas State Troopers and DFPS raided a compound in Eldorado earlier this month upon the threat of child sexual abuse.  The Compound, known by those who live there as the YFZ or Yearning for Zion Ranch, belongs to a group identifying themselves as Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS.Continue reading “….Makes You Wonder”

No; Really?

Check this out:  CBS reports that  “All their lives, the girls in the polygamist sect in the West Texas desert were told that the outside world was hostile and immoral….” (emphasis added) Have we, the “outside world,” proven them wrong?  Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I don’t think they’ve been treated with hostility as comparedContinue reading “No; Really?”

Wish I Could Disagree

This was in a letter to the editor in yesterday’s Waco Tribune-Herald by Shelby Lynn Muhl:I’m acquainted with many self-described Christians, including a number of fatuous “born-agains.” Only one actually tries to follow the instructions of Jesus and avoids judging others. I have to think the ratio is higher than Ms. Muhl alleges, I haveContinue reading “Wish I Could Disagree”