Does God agree with you? with me?

In the face of all the many disagreements, and further, in the face of what seems to be a lack of ability to communicate in civil and well-intentioned ways, I thought this morning of these words from Isaiah 55:8-9 My plans aren’t your plans,     nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.Continue reading “Does God agree with you? with me?”

You get what you paid for?

Personally, I feel this comic would be funnier were it not an accurate portrayal of life. Does the definition of ‘good employee’ now start with “never expects to have his /her work recognized by a pay increase”? A youth I knew a couple of years ago was very happy at his fast-food job. He hadContinue reading “You get what you paid for?”

THE Christian view on Health Care in America?

I’ve heard and read this several places, so I won’t cite one particular source here, but this seems to me to be the best question for someone (Christian) to ask concerning health care in the United States: “Does my neighbor have reasonable access to adequate health care?” If the next thing that comes to yourContinue reading “THE Christian view on Health Care in America?”

You have to be Rich to be Poor

If you think the poor just need to work harder, this fine article by DeNeen L. Brown shows many ways that the poor have to work harder just to keep up, let alone to try and get ahead.  HT Alan Hitt. Here’s the opening: You have to be rich to be poor. That’s what someContinue reading “You have to be Rich to be Poor”

Does our spending belong to Caesar?

I have a friend who recently bought a new car.  He jests that he did it to help the economy. I suspect he is half jesting; his previous car was aging, and deteriorating. The morning’s Waco Tribune-Herald picked up a wire story about poor holiday sales. Even the might Wal-Mart had lower-than-expected sales. I haveContinue reading “Does our spending belong to Caesar?”

Goods and Problems

My father-in-law sent me this article from the Boston Globe.  Here is the key paragraph, at least by my judgment: Poverty and wealth, by this logic, don’t just fall along a continuum the way hot and cold or short and tall do. They are instead fundamentally different experiences, each working on the human psyche inContinue reading “Goods and Problems”