Overwhelmed: Putting God on Trial

We are some MESSED UP people!  The good news is that the Bible clearly establishes that we are messed up in the same ways people have always been messed up, and that God both loves us anyway, AND has already done everything necessary to deliver us from our sin and to begin our healing ofContinue reading “Overwhelmed: Putting God on Trial”

Overwhelmed: Is the Bible an Instruction Manual?

Anyone besides me watch a little football recently? Watching live tv felt a little new to me – I realized how little of it I do anymore, but waiting an hour or a day to watch a game isn’t the same, so I watched several “live.” Which meant watching commercials. Or, at least, not beingContinue reading “Overwhelmed: Is the Bible an Instruction Manual?”

IncarnATE 2.0

A long long time ago in a pastoral appointment far, far away…. There was a bible. Actually, there were a lot of bibles. That church, not unlike this church and almost every other church, had invested in a bunch of bibles. I don’t know if “bunch” is the technically correct group term for Bibles. YouContinue reading “IncarnATE 2.0”

IncarnATE 1.0

Mary, did you know? No, really, Mary: did you know? Maybe a better question would be, “Mary, what did you know, and when did you know it?” I mean, really: dare we think that Mary could have possibly imagined thinking about Jesus the way we think about Jesus? When you think about thinking about JesusContinue reading “IncarnATE 1.0”

I (h)ate Christmas Sermon 3

 Advent 2017.3: DesperATE to ImmediATE I don’t know if this is true, but rumor had it, when I was a college student, federal regulations said you couldn’t call something a hamburger that wasn’t pure beef. You couldn’t just google it back then. We began to wonder when the campus dining hall would post the day’sContinue reading “I (h)ate Christmas Sermon 3”

Thanksgiving is Good News

There’s this funny thing about being United Methodist in the 21st century. Do you remember 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? The pop culture version of our connected world. Back in the 50s (pretty soon we’re going to have to say “1950s”, someone did a study of how many connections it would take to link aContinue reading “Thanksgiving is Good News”

What is our product?

Sermon #5 in our Branded Series. This sermon concludes the series. “If I only had a brain….” That’s the earworm that Lee Swann stuck me with last Sunday. Thank you! Maybe now you’ve got it playing over and over, too. If so, you’re welcome! I remember growing up watching “The Wizard of Oz,” by FrankContinue reading “What is our product?”

Who are our customers?

Sermon #3 in our Branded series, preached Sunday, May 1 at Euless First United Methodist Church “I gave you a $20. You gave me change for a 10!” One of the hardest lessons for me to learn working a counter register or the drive-through window at McDonald’s was “The customer is always right.” In thisContinue reading “Who are our customers?”