Who are our customers?

Sermon #3 in our Branded series, preached Sunday, May 1 at Euless First United Methodist Church “I gave you a $20. You gave me change for a 10!” One of the hardest lessons for me to learn working a counter register or the drive-through window at McDonald’s was “The customer is always right.” In thisContinue reading “Who are our customers?”

What Business are we in?

This is sermon 2 in the Branded series at Euless First United Methodist Church. Retired United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon once told this story about the merging of two Annual Conferences in South Carolina.  These were, by the way, not geographic areas being merged, but, rather, racially segregated conferences. However antiquated it might sound, Methodism inContinue reading “What Business are we in?”

Liking being liked

Just read on Facebook someone asking for “likes”.  This group is close to a particular threshold and seek “25 more” to reach it. Have you ever actually asked someone to like you? We all want to be liked, but how does asking to be liked relate to wanting to be liked? I’ve been blogging regularlyContinue reading “Liking being liked”