What is our product?

Sermon #5 in our Branded Series. This sermon concludes the series. “If I only had a brain….” That’s the earworm that Lee Swann stuck me with last Sunday. Thank you! Maybe now you’ve got it playing over and over, too. If so, you’re welcome! I remember growing up watching “The Wizard of Oz,” by FrankContinue reading “What is our product?”

What Business are we in?

This is sermon 2 in the Branded series at Euless First United Methodist Church. Retired United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon once told this story about the merging of two Annual Conferences in South Carolina.  These were, by the way, not geographic areas being merged, but, rather, racially segregated conferences. However antiquated it might sound, Methodism inContinue reading “What Business are we in?”

Wish I Could Disagree

This was in a letter to the editor in yesterday’s Waco Tribune-Herald by Shelby Lynn Muhl:I’m acquainted with many self-described Christians, including a number of fatuous “born-agains.” Only one actually tries to follow the instructions of Jesus and avoids judging others. I have to think the ratio is higher than Ms. Muhl alleges, I haveContinue reading “Wish I Could Disagree”

Church learning from the Tech World

Microsoft made a $42 billion bid for Yahoo on Friday.  According to the Wired piece about it, this is an anti-Google effort by Microsoft since Google “threatens the world’s largest software maker’s grip on how people interact with computers.” Here’s a barely-tech-literate summary.  Microsoft came to the point in the 90’s of near monopoly controlContinue reading “Church learning from the Tech World”

Population: Who’s Counting?

I rarely watch TV news.  I thought newspapers, magazines, and the internet were keeping me apprised of things.  Apparently not. “Nearly 2 billion Americans will send some sort of greeting cards during this winter holiday season.”  So Alleged the pre-movie screen shots at the theatre where Robbie and I watched “AVP:R” last night. Last IContinue reading “Population: Who’s Counting?”

How to Change Church Culture, part 2

“Don’t they have churches for people like that?” Ponder Jonah with me for a minute.  We all know the story, right?  Man runs from God, gets thrown from ship, swallowed by fish.  Man repents, fish burps him up on dry land.  Man does what God had asked him to do, has marvelous success, and frets aboutContinue reading “How to Change Church Culture, part 2”

How to Change Church Culture, Part 1

Last week I wrote briefly about some young adults who are concerned about reckless sexual morality on “today’s college campuses.”  My point was that this sounded very much like adults from 25 years ago, when I was in college, and, I’m sure, a lot like adults from 40 years ago; you get my drift.  IContinue reading “How to Change Church Culture, Part 1”

Oh, Harry, My Harry?

Who has read the Harry Potter books, and/or watched the movies, and not loved them?  I read all 7 in the space of about 6 weeks.  While I’m sure that’s no record, I can assure you I was mesmerized with the story, the character development, the twists and turns, and, ultimately, the resolution. I don’tContinue reading “Oh, Harry, My Harry?”