What Business are we in?

This is sermon 2 in the Branded series at Euless First United Methodist Church. Retired United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon once told this story about the merging of two Annual Conferences in South Carolina.  These were, by the way, not geographic areas being merged, but, rather, racially segregated conferences. However antiquated it might sound, Methodism inContinue reading “What Business are we in?”

Vision Check

Sermon preached Sunday, August 30, 2015 at Euless First United Methodist Church Can you see the future from here? What does it look like? Which direction should we look? Some of us, as we age, do a whole lot more looking behind us than in front of us.  It is tempting; we know the past,Continue reading “Vision Check”

Even when Wright is Wrong

Barack Obama has removed his membership from Trinity United Church of Christ, where he had been a member for 20 years.  The primary reason, of course, is to separate himself from the caustic remarks of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the long-time pastor at Trinity. Here’s what I wonder about all this: who are Hillary Clinton’s andContinue reading “Even when Wright is Wrong”

End of Bitterness

Being that I have acknowledged that I have become The Man, I’ve got some changes to make. First and foremost, I’ve got to give up on, set aside, put away, the bitterness that so easily infects me. It is easy for me to see and sharply, usually sarcastically, comment on all that is wrong withContinue reading “End of Bitterness”

Wish I Could Disagree

This was in a letter to the editor in yesterday’s Waco Tribune-Herald by Shelby Lynn Muhl:I’m acquainted with many self-described Christians, including a number of fatuous “born-agains.” Only one actually tries to follow the instructions of Jesus and avoids judging others. I have to think the ratio is higher than Ms. Muhl alleges, I haveContinue reading “Wish I Could Disagree”

Into Con’t.

Here’s a great piece from the The Emergent Manifesto of Hope: Every person needs one safe place where he or she is able to stop pretending, a place of ruthless honesty and unconditional love where no one is allowed to fly underneath the radar. “Jailhouse Faith” by Thomas Malcolm Olson (p.95) So, brief post thatContinue reading “Into Con’t.”

What are you into?

I already posted about this over on emergent Waco, but I want to go further here. In a conversation with one of our youth here, I was told that he wasn’t “into religion.” I pondered what all to do with that statement, and answered that sometimes I didn’t think I was all that into religionContinue reading “What are you into?”