Hearing without understanding

I share a short message at preschool chapel twice a week. It’s one of those things that I don’t always look forward to, but always leave feeling better about myself and the future. Kids have that affect on me. Each chapel time starts with singing. And, as you can imagine, we sing quite a fewContinue reading “Hearing without understanding”

Vision Check

Sermon preached Sunday, August 30, 2015 at Euless First United Methodist Church Can you see the future from here? What does it look like? Which direction should we look? Some of us, as we age, do a whole lot more looking behind us than in front of us.  It is tempting; we know the past,Continue reading “Vision Check”

Truth in Advertising

I know the picture to the left doesn’t look like me, but it is. It is probably you, too. The other day I took my kids to the BK that across the street from our church.  The kids like the playground there. I got the best customer service I’ve ever received in that restaurant.  OnContinue reading “Truth in Advertising”

You and the Bible

This past week I visited a Sunday School class where Luke 14:25-35 was the topic. The opening discussion focused on verse 26: “Whoever comes to me and doesn’t hate father and mother, spouse and children, and brothers and sisters—yes, even one’s own life—cannot be my disciple. Actually, the focus was almost entirely on one wordContinue reading “You and the Bible”

I want to know what love is!

This is the third sermon in our Pop Culture Series at Euless First United Methodist Church Don’t you think that Rose could have made room for Jack on that door? As I said last week, the power of love is a curious thing. Here are some of the lines of that song: The power ofContinue reading “I want to know what love is!”

Leadership Meadership

I had a sadly disturbing conversation recently. I did much more listening than talking in this particular conversation, but that’s not what made it sad or disturbing. I was visiting with someone considerably older than I and someone who is close to death. This person is aware that death is near, and is, for theContinue reading “Leadership Meadership”

How could anyone…?!

How could you…? How could anyone…? One of my earliest recollections of this was early in my first year of college hearing someone say, “How could anyone grow up sane if they have to move a bunch of times as a child?” This friend had grown up (all her life) in the same small town.Continue reading “How could anyone…?!”

I Need You Need We Need

You need to read this post.  All of it. Ok; you may not need to read it.  But I think you’ll get my point in having said that. I have recently become aware of a conversational habit. It seems to me to be growing in our culture. This habit involves the word “need.”  My concernContinue reading “I Need You Need We Need”