On the BTTFDay Bandwagon

Many, many people will be posting about Back to the Future Day ( #bttfday ). This the day to which Doc and Marty went “into the future” in the second installment of the Back to the Future movie trilogy. So newspapers and website and probably 45% of the blogosphere will offer praise and lament forContinue reading “On the BTTFDay Bandwagon”

Truth in Advertising

I know the picture to the left doesn’t look like me, but it is. It is probably you, too. The other day I took my kids to the BK that across the street from our church.  The kids like the playground there. I got the best customer service I’ve ever received in that restaurant.  OnContinue reading “Truth in Advertising”

Leadership Meadership

I had a sadly disturbing conversation recently. I did much more listening than talking in this particular conversation, but that’s not what made it sad or disturbing. I was visiting with someone considerably older than I and someone who is close to death. This person is aware that death is near, and is, for theContinue reading “Leadership Meadership”

Never Forget & Rascall Flatts

Here we are, September 11, 2014. The answer to the obvious question:  I was at my office, at the church in Mart.  Internet wasn’t then what it is now, so the first I heard of the day’s events was from our building’s caretaker. “Have you heard…?”  I had not.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure at firstContinue reading “Never Forget & Rascall Flatts”

“Happy” MLK Day

Though I have been blogging here since 2006, this is only my third MLK Day post.  I put quotes around Happy in the title because I’m not so sure this is a day that ought to be about happiness. Maybe I should say it this way: I’m not sure today ought to be about one’s own happiness.  ForContinue reading ““Happy” MLK Day”


My brother Richard shared this link on Facebook.  Great link, Richard, thank you! Which of us haven’t been tempted, and caught ourselves whipping out the cellphone to check mail, twitter, facebook, stocks, whatever, in the midst of otherwise being present with someone? Here’s how Perry Noble concludes: One more time let me say it again–I’m NOTContinue reading “Disconnect!”