Yes, Caesar, whatever you say, Caesar

Within limits, of course. If you know me at all, you can imagine how confused I was to hear this yesterday at our church’s Veteran’s Day Luncheon: Note the order here: the nation was telling the churches to celebrate this day. I reacted, but controlled it. Someone else had the floor. This gave me timeContinue reading “Yes, Caesar, whatever you say, Caesar”

Cry in church?

Would you be comfortable crying in your church? A pastor friend of mine recently shared with me this scenario. A congregant had visited with him about a particularly stressful event she had just been through. Among the suggestions my friend offered was to attend worship. (the congregant had not attended since the event) She admittedContinue reading “Cry in church?”

What are you into?

I already posted about this over on emergent Waco, but I want to go further here. In a conversation with one of our youth here, I was told that he wasn’t “into religion.” I pondered what all to do with that statement, and answered that sometimes I didn’t think I was all that into religionContinue reading “What are you into?”