How could anyone…?!

How could you…? How could anyone…? One of my earliest recollections of this was early in my first year of college hearing someone say, “How could anyone grow up sane if they have to move a bunch of times as a child?” This friend had grown up (all her life) in the same small town.Continue reading “How could anyone…?!”

Less than a mile

Rachel has been away at the annual Board of Ordained Ministry meeting.  These are, perhaps, the only 2 days of the year that I have sole responsibility for our children all day. A couple of hours into this, I am confronted with this: I do not show her enough appreciation for all she does.  InContinue reading “Less than a mile”

Sometimes it isn’t about comparison

Last Wednesday was a strange, surreal day for me.  The day started normally, though an afternoon appointment would, I knew, feel strange.  A member of our church was dying of cancer, but had insisted I come and take some things from his house that he wanted to give to the church. Then, around 11, IContinue reading “Sometimes it isn’t about comparison”

Where Comparisons Fail

I can’t remember whether it was while I was listening to yesterday afternoon’s marketplace podcast or this morning’s radio reporting, but I heard an interview with a Parish President from Coastal Louisiana.  Having rode out Katrina, he cited several ways Isaac was already worse in his area than Katrina was. Home from my walk, IContinue reading “Where Comparisons Fail”