Yes, Caesar, whatever you say, Caesar

Within limits, of course. If you know me at all, you can imagine how confused I was to hear this yesterday at our church’s Veteran’s Day Luncheon: Note the order here: the nation was telling the churches to celebrate this day. I reacted, but controlled it. Someone else had the floor. This gave me timeContinue reading “Yes, Caesar, whatever you say, Caesar”

What is our product?

Sermon #5 in our Branded Series. This sermon concludes the series. “If I only had a brain….” That’s the earworm that Lee Swann stuck me with last Sunday. Thank you! Maybe now you’ve got it playing over and over, too. If so, you’re welcome! I remember growing up watching “The Wizard of Oz,” by FrankContinue reading “What is our product?”

What do you believe is true about God?

We are working through a series this month on truth.  This past Sunday we focused on this question: “What do you believe is true about God?” I asked 20 or so of our young people and staff to answer the question ahead of time, and presented their answers in a video during worship. The answers were generallyContinue reading “What do you believe is true about God?”

Old Thought, New Expression

One of those things I first thought at least a decade ago finds expression in the printed word: The idea of God as  a being who is unchanging, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent and thus always right is more of a philosophical rendering than a biblical one. In metaphysical theology God is thought to be theContinue reading “Old Thought, New Expression”

What are you into?

I already posted about this over on emergent Waco, but I want to go further here. In a conversation with one of our youth here, I was told that he wasn’t “into religion.” I pondered what all to do with that statement, and answered that sometimes I didn’t think I was all that into religionContinue reading “What are you into?”