A Quiet Verse

About a month ago we started offering a GPS in our weekly worship guide.  GPS stands for “Grow, Pray, Study.” Today’s scripture reading is Philippians 2.  I preached on a passage from this chapter yesterday, but today, reading the entire chapter, it got real for me as a reader and student of the bible, notContinue reading “A Quiet Verse”

If Sacramental…

This is week one of our September series, If…Then Many thanks to White’s Chapel United Methodist Church for background and development of this series! Liam, my 3 year old son, came down the steps with a stepstool.  He stopped at about the fourth step from the bottom, and put the stepstool down next to him.Continue reading “If Sacramental…”

Could you be confused for Jesus?

Last Sunday, September 7, 2014, I preached the second sermon in my series on John Wesley. This sermon was about how Wesley understood holiness and the holistic nature of the Gospel.   In response, one of our church folk shared this story with me.  I feel like this very well encapsulates what I was tryingContinue reading “Could you be confused for Jesus?”

Where Grace Ends

I was at a gathering the other day of people from several different churches. We were meeting together to plan a Christmas time event in the public elementary schools in our area.  Because the event is outside normal school hours and completely voluntary, we are not required to make these religion-neutral events.  For this particularContinue reading “Where Grace Ends”

Long on Memory, Short on Grace

Adrian Huff won a seat on the Bellmead City Council in last Saturday’s election.  He will not be able to serve. You see, 32 years ago, Mr. Huff was convicted of stealing a car.  In Texas, someone with a felony on his or her record cannot hold elected office. Neither article I read reports Mr.Continue reading “Long on Memory, Short on Grace”