Jesus Loves Everyone Except Greg Hardy

Just when you thought it was safe to watch professional football again, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys sign Greg Hardy to a 1 year contract. We couldn’t be more excited. We couldn’t be more outraged. If my facebook newsfeed is any indication, everyone loves @DaleHansen‘s commentary on this incident. “Is there no line youContinue reading “Jesus Loves Everyone Except Greg Hardy”

Shut Up and Show Them Jesus

An acquaintance of mine who is a medical professional was telling me the other day about experiences he had had with another clergy. There was a pastor who condemned me across our backyard fence for drinking beer while he was exposing himself to children.  he’s not around much any more. Whatever happened to”they’ll know weContinue reading “Shut Up and Show Them Jesus”

Bad News on Iraq

The Associated Press reported today that Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave Why is this bad news, you ask? Not because, as the report states, United States sources “insist that no dates have been agreed to.” Not even because such a deal could drastically change the relationship of the Iraqi situationContinue reading “Bad News on Iraq”

Wish I Could Disagree

This was in a letter to the editor in yesterday’s Waco Tribune-Herald by Shelby Lynn Muhl:I’m acquainted with many self-described Christians, including a number of fatuous “born-agains.” Only one actually tries to follow the instructions of Jesus and avoids judging others. I have to think the ratio is higher than Ms. Muhl alleges, I haveContinue reading “Wish I Could Disagree”