How could anyone…?!

How could you…? How could anyone…? One of my earliest recollections of this was early in my first year of college hearing someone say, “How could anyone grow up sane if they have to move a bunch of times as a child?” This friend had grown up (all her life) in the same small town.Continue reading “How could anyone…?!”

Too much excess?

I like to think I am a “make your point and move on” kind of guy.  I tire of repetition. Especially when I feel like it is repetition for repetition’s sake. But this one thing bears repeating. During this season of Lent, we are looking at excess and what to do about it.  We believeContinue reading “Too much excess?”

Which Jesus are we talking about?

The other day I was involved in a thread discussion in a United Methodist Clergy group. The subject of that discussion is irrelevant for my present purposes. If you really feel the need to know, ask me. In this discussion, a friend – no, an acquaintance – no, a colleague – maybe – a fellowContinue reading “Which Jesus are we talking about?”

I Need You Need We Need

You need to read this post.  All of it. Ok; you may not need to read it.  But I think you’ll get my point in having said that. I have recently become aware of a conversational habit. It seems to me to be growing in our culture. This habit involves the word “need.”  My concernContinue reading “I Need You Need We Need”

Jesus Loves Everyone Except Greg Hardy

Just when you thought it was safe to watch professional football again, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys sign Greg Hardy to a 1 year contract. We couldn’t be more excited. We couldn’t be more outraged. If my facebook newsfeed is any indication, everyone loves @DaleHansen‘s commentary on this incident. “Is there no line youContinue reading “Jesus Loves Everyone Except Greg Hardy”

Meaning missing

Easter is less than three weeks away.  Let the advertising onslaught begin! It seems to me like way too many of these Easter ads emphasize the wrong image, and thus miss the meaning of Easter. And if you think I’m referring to bunnies and eggs, think again. I refer, friends, to the cross. The crossContinue reading “Meaning missing”

Make Yourself

I knew this day would come.  In fact, in an odd way, I hoped this day would come. When I took on blogging daily for Lent, I knew I wouldn’t have something worth writing about everyday.  So far I’ve done pretty well. Some days I’ve written ahead. I’ve started observing the world around me, andContinue reading “Make Yourself”

How close is too close?

As with most Mondays, I follow Rachel to work in the mornings.  She drives the kids to preschool, then we go to work.  Sometimes We leave home at about the same time, sometimes I follow by a few minutes.  Today, I was right behind her all the way. The first time we reached a stoplight,Continue reading “How close is too close?”