Good, Better, Best

I had the great joy the other day of witnessing a good thing happening: a child gave his mother a dandelion. Then, this even better thing happened. He realized what a good idea it was, and picked a second flower to give her. Then, the best thing happened: the mother received the flowers exactly theContinue reading “Good, Better, Best”

An Argument I Cannot Win

As many as three times a week, I am tempted to argue with my kids. But in that particular setting, I know it won’t do any good. It would be to start an argument I cannot win. We try always to eat dinner together as a family, even if I have an evening meeting. Then,Continue reading “An Argument I Cannot Win”

Is God like this?

When I climb the stairs in our house to check on our kids, I usually don’t announce myself. It’s not that i want to catch them doing something they shouldn’t be doing. I would just as soon catch them doing something they should be doing. In fact, I would prefer the latter. But I stillContinue reading “Is God like this?”

I am NOT the (a) babysitter

Rachel has been out of the country for several days. She is leading a team from our Church on a mission trip in Belize. As other times she’s been away, I am humbled by the tasks required to parent alone. And this is only for 1 week! And I have the incredible benefit of beingContinue reading “I am NOT the (a) babysitter”

All (due) Respect

I found myself prefacing a comment on facebook last week with the phrase “with all due respect.”  Admittedly, that was more filler than thoughtful; if what followed felt like a blow, I added the preface to soften it. Then I got to thinking about respect.  My mind can’t go there without quickly passing through 2Continue reading “All (due) Respect”

What comes between you and your children?

What comes between you and your children?  Before you answer, consider this: I am about to head out to my children’s preschool spring program.  I am excited to see my own children perform, as well as all the other children. But what will our children see?  Too often, as I observe, the above picture representsContinue reading “What comes between you and your children?”

Just Saying “no”

Eliza learned to say “no” yesterday.  It was actually quite cute; she wasn’t saying no to something we wanted her to do.  She has been repeating words and sounds that she hears us say, and, at that one point yesterday, “no” was the choice to repeat. She didn’t say it once, or even twice. ItContinue reading “Just Saying “no””

Maturity – What?

Once upon a time, I heard that a baby’s cry is one of the most disconcerting sounds there is to human ears. I don’t doubt it. Eliza has been cutting her eye teeth for several days now.  Rachel tells me she has heard and read that this is quite painful.  I know something has beenContinue reading “Maturity – What?”

If it doesn’t take a village, it at least takes an adult.

Last night we did a session about grief with our kids.  The topic was timely as many of our kids face difficult times in upcoming homevisits for the holidays. If you think Thanksgiving with the family is tough, try being an adolescent whose mom or dad choose the new spouse over you, which panded youContinue reading “If it doesn’t take a village, it at least takes an adult.”