Thoughts and Prayers

Over the years, I have gotten to the place where I don’t blog in a reactionary way as I once did. But the school shooting in Florida last week has gotten me thinking. Ok, that’s not exactly right. The Parkland High school shooting has gotten me praying and thinking – trying to find something to doContinue reading “Thoughts and Prayers”

Rob God?

Today’s reading is Malachi 3.  While this chapter is overflowing with substance for discussion and thought provocation, the part that always captures my attention is Will anyone rob God? In context, this question is about robbing God by denying the tithe. We rob God when we decline to participate in God’s ordained pattern of supportContinue reading “Rob God?”

Got (Theological) Questions?

Preached Sunday, August 2, 2015, at Euless First United Methodist Church.

If it were this easy, EVERYONE would do it!

I followed this SUV most of my way home the other day.  While I suppose some of you may tell me that God was trying to tell me something else, here is what I took from this “inspirational” sticker. Prayer does work, I agree.  In my experience, however, it rarely works is a way thatContinue reading “If it were this easy, EVERYONE would do it!”

How to Pray

I have the great privilege of speaking at the chapel services of our preschool every Wednesday. It brings me great joy to have this opportunity; and it is also usually a challenge.  I do not always speak in ways that 3-5 year old children can understand and draw meaning.  I enjoy the challenge. At theContinue reading “How to Pray”

If it is true for Muslims, isn’t it true for Christians?

This past Sunday I preached about corporate worship. (I don’t mean the worship of corporations, but worshiping together with others) I chose not to approach it from the angle of being requiredor commanded, but rather stressing the benefits, the need, the value of worshiping together. It turns out the Federal Bureau of Prisons agrees withContinue reading “If it is true for Muslims, isn’t it true for Christians?”