Experiments in Honesty – Book Review

I read Steve Daugherty’s Experiments in Honesty as my first blogger review book in a long time. What a great choice to get back on that horse with! Full disclosure: I received a free copy of the book based on my promise to blog a review of it. The content of the review is entirelyContinue reading “Experiments in Honesty – Book Review”

Book Review: The Mainliner’s Survival Guide

Hi.  My name is Steve, and I’m a Mainliner. Through all my years as a Fundamentalist, then an Conservative Evangelical, then some variation of Emergent, I have been a member of The United Methodist Church, a mainline denomination. I believe this is where God has called me. Plenty have tried to convince me otherwise.  I’veContinue reading “Book Review: The Mainliner’s Survival Guide”

Book review: The Story Lives

Here is my latest review of a book for the Speakeasy Blogger Network.  I’ve just finished Henriet Schapelhouman’s The Story Lives. This is a good, straightforward read. She had me at “Story,” actually; the more I work as a pastor, the more I meet people and seek to hear their stories. Though the seeds ofContinue reading “Book review: The Story Lives”

This Atheist Gets it Right – Book Review

This is the latest in a series of books I have received for review through the SpeakEasy Blogger Network. My last review book was thick and heavy enough that I wasn’t sure I would review any more for awhile.  But when I read about this one, I set that aside.  I was excited to readContinue reading “This Atheist Gets it Right – Book Review”

Book review: “Why Be A Christian? (If No One Goes To Hell)”

This is my latest book review for the SpeakEasy Blog Network. I received my copy a little over a month ago, and tore into it.  Like you (perhaps), I expected some intriguing discussion over the theological history of hell and the causes of one’s ending up there. I was a little let down to findContinue reading “Book review: “Why Be A Christian? (If No One Goes To Hell)””

Being Jesus in Nashville -a book review

I have to admit that I was drawn to read and thus review Being Jesus in Nashville in part because it was turned down for publication by “Christian” publishers. I was also a little imtrigued that a multiple Cy Young Award winning pitcher was now writing about Jesus. I quickly learned that this is aContinue reading “Being Jesus in Nashville -a book review”

Book Review: Speaking of Jesus

Carl Medearis is a pastor and follower of Jesus. He wants the world to know Jesus.  He is convinced that if people are introduced to Jesus, they will be willing, even eager, to learn from him and follow his ways. Having lived in Lebanon for 12 years, he is also a leader in Arab-American andContinue reading “Book Review: Speaking of Jesus”