An Argument I Cannot Win

As many as three times a week, I am tempted to argue with my kids. But in that particular setting, I know it won’t do any good. It would be to start an argument I cannot win. We try always to eat dinner together as a family, even if I have an evening meeting. Then,Continue reading “An Argument I Cannot Win”

I am NOT the (a) babysitter

Rachel has been out of the country for several days. She is leading a team from our Church on a mission trip in Belize. As other times she’s been away, I am humbled by the tasks required to parent alone. And this is only for 1 week! And I have the incredible benefit of beingContinue reading “I am NOT the (a) babysitter”

Stories we tell more than once

A young woman asked me yesterday morning if I would preach/teach sometime on her favorite scripture.  The verse is Matthew 6:21: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (CEB) The obvious take on this interprets treasure as money and material possessions. Consider this less obvious take. Last Thursday I attended a memorialContinue reading “Stories we tell more than once”

What do you believe is true about God?

We are working through a series this month on truth.  This past Sunday we focused on this question: “What do you believe is true about God?” I asked 20 or so of our young people and staff to answer the question ahead of time, and presented their answers in a video during worship. The answers were generallyContinue reading “What do you believe is true about God?”