Every so often, I am “surprised” by my children greeting me as I come through the door from the garage into the house.  As I open the door, they are both crouched a few feet back, and together they jump up and yell “surprise!” Honestly, I’m not really surprised.  I hear it coming. More honestly,Continue reading “Welcome!”

If it is true for Muslims, isn’t it true for Christians?

This past Sunday I preached about corporate worship. (I don’t mean the worship of corporations, but worshiping together with others) I chose not to approach it from the angle of being requiredor commanded, but rather stressing the benefits, the need, the value of worshiping together. It turns out the Federal Bureau of Prisons agrees withContinue reading “If it is true for Muslims, isn’t it true for Christians?”

Should I Let Go?

This was originally a vlog entry, but it didn’t work. I’m home today with Eliza who is getting over the croup. Having been in Dallas all day yesterday, I’m feeling really out of my routine. Rachel called – she and Chris are/were planning this Sunday’s worship and wanted to consult me.  Not that I’m aContinue reading “Should I Let Go?”

What are you into?

I already posted about this over on emergent Waco, but I want to go further here. In a conversation with one of our youth here, I was told that he wasn’t “into religion.” I pondered what all to do with that statement, and answered that sometimes I didn’t think I was all that into religionContinue reading “What are you into?”

Worship Pet Peeve

It’s not the first cell phone I hear during worship that gets to me. It’s the second one. When I hear a cell phone, I reach for mine to make sure it is silenced. So should everyone else, right? But there is something far more disturbing (edited addition “to me” – far more disturbing toContinue reading “Worship Pet Peeve”