US Christians Demand Religious Freedom…

for everyone!

I have long said that Christian are at our best when we are advocating for the rights, liberties, fair treatment of others.  I suppose I am willing to allege that this is true for everyone, not only for Christians.  But I especially want Christians to own it.

I think it represents Jesus far better than getting all whiney about our own rights, liberties, or fair treatment.

To be fair, people can advocate for their own rights, etc., without being whiney.  This is just my opinion: but US Christians seem to go whiney awfully quickly if we feel our rights, etc. threatened.

Just look at all the fuss we’ve been making over the persecution of Christians around the world lately.  I believe we would make a better case AGAINST persecution of Christians and FOR following Jesus if we opposed all religious persecution.

Speaking of which, I don’t know if you noticed, but a case of religious freedom was argued before the US Supreme Court yesterday. Samantha Elauf was 17 when she applied to work at an Abercrombie and Fitch store.  She was rated as a very good candidate.  Her rating dropped when management found out she wore a hajib – a traditional headcovering worn by some Muslims.  This dropped her rating enough that she wasn’t hired.

I don’t know how the case will come out.  The report I heard indicated that most of the Justices, in oral arguments, sounded like they leaned in her favor.

I have heard Christians lament about not being allowed to wear cross necklaces to work; shouldn’t we be just as concerned for the religious liberty of others?

US Christians Demand Religious Freedom…

Say it like you mean it!

There is some wisdom in “fake it till you make it.” Would you join me in providing proof this Thanksgiving?

John Wesley, the father of methodism, struggled in his early years to find assurance of salvation. His worked harder than most at the spiritual disciplines hoping to find peace with God, yet it laude him at everry turn. Finally, after seeing a band of Moravianswas and being deeply impressed with their assurance, he asked. Them how he might find the same.

“Preach it till you have it,” they told him, “then you will preach it because you have it.”  Fake it till you make it. Or, if this sounds better, sometimes our feelings follow our actions rather than the other way around.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I hope yours is wonderful. However, most of us are in for some level of disappointment. We too often cook up grand ideas of how this year everything will be better than it ever has been.

This year, tomorrow, I invite you to join me in an effort to put expectations where they belong: on myself. Tomorrow I expect ME to speak gratitude. I will recognize and voice what I am thankful for, no matter what happens for which I am not thankful.

If I don’t feel grateful first thing out of bed, I will by the end of the day, because my feelings will follow my words.

Are you with me?

Say it like you mean it!